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Amateur writer based in London. Writer of short stories, personal philosophies and poetry. I hope you enjoy.

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Nothing changes

Life was easier back then. Im not going to deny it Life was almost thoughtless when I thought I was thinking about people When I thought I was caring about people, I had my priorities completely misdirected Thought I was only a child Who knew? I was reckless and fearless Blinded by the medicine andContinue reading “Nothing changes”

Only Now

Only now I know how special you wereOnly now I miss your voice calling out to mePleads for help in the middle of the nightNight after nightOnly now Only now I miss your smellMusky, slightly staleOnly now I inhale when I go into your roomJust to smell what’s left of youOnly now Only now IContinue reading “Only Now”

Ignorant Heart

Years of life given in the blitz of loveSweltering in your arms, my heart encasedProtected and in comfort it was heldWhen all else seemed to fade away, you stayed. Under a myriad of stars, each night adoredIntertwining branches of an oak, stood mightyTwo constants in time with sweetness of wordsHeld together by currents in anContinue reading “Ignorant Heart”

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Personal information

Nearly everything about my work is personal, so having a personal information box doesn’t tell you the most personal things about me, you’ll have to read for that.

I am 23 years old, believing (probably much like most people my age) that my head is special, filled with twisted and exciting curiosity.

The only way I feel like I can understand my thoughts is by writing and figuring myself out from words on a page. Only then do I know what I feel.