The Mountain Top

The dense water wrapped in around both sides. To the north, the water was a deep dark blue, black in the centre posing what could have been some of the darkest species of the oceans. To the south, high banks, shallow sands and clear water navigated into pools embellishing the landscape with golden hues.

She sat watching, at the top of the mountain in a completely cliched way. She just watched, the movement of the waves, the imprints they left on the white sand and the way it sat brooding like she herself was doing. She wasn’t a typically lost woman, she just lacked finding true meaning sometimes and this left her feeling uncertain. People said coming to the ocean makes things seem clearer, and it did…it just didn’t tell you how to act upon them once they finally revealed themselves. The grass was long and the ground healthy with moisture from the clean air. Perhaps it was that, perhaps it was the air that makes you think better, however it wasn’t exactly helpful that this mountain top was in fact a fictional scene in her head, which was currently in a big city where dreams don’t come try and realities are just realities and nothing more. “You wake up and you do”…”do what?” She thought, as she flicked impatiently from dream to reality. “Carry on in a life where I don’t feel like i fit?, or leave the only life I know how to live?”. It wasn’t easy to change, especially when everything else doesn’t accommodate for your dreams and you have to take your single goal and run with it despite the other difficulties it might bring up along he way. She was tired, uncertain and despairing at the thought of her life running away before she actually got to live it and this was the hardest reality. So she went back there, back to her mountain top where she could pretend she had the relief of an unreachable dream.

Goals are hard to attain, sometimes they’re too unrealistic and other times you’re told that you need to reach for the stars. It’s hard to know what a good goal is and what you want to reach. It’s hard to know for certain what it is that you want, I think the majority of it is just settling on an idea and running with it until something draws you back finally. What if I’m never drawn back? Will I go on aimlessly chasing? Or do I just stay here on my own mountain top?

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23 years old Londoner Nurse Lover Hugger Explorer

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