The time you were mine

I will hold on to that flower

The one you gave me that time 

Because I feel it’s the only thing left

From the time that you were mine.

I still hold on to that feeling 

The one of you holding my hand 

You were holding it so tightly

Like you thought i was going to go 

I let go of everything else

Because it made me too sad 

To think about how it was my fault 

That things ended the way they did 

I will hold on to that star in the sky 

That we found in the dark one night

When you pointed out the brightest one

Named it after me then held me tight.

That star it was so gentle, that star it was so small

But I never thought it’d fade away

For it had seen it all.

I know that star is up there

Still shining in the sky 

and looks upon us fondly

watching our lives go by

Published by mariegwrites

23 years old Londoner Nurse Lover Hugger Explorer

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