A Tribute to Normal People

On a clouded day in the month of May, I walk over to your house

The white front and huge pillars can’t cast a shadow over you, and I move closer than allowed

Your dark brown eyes and yellow jumper like the sun, makes me think I should look away

But all I want is to stare longer at your face, for this feeling won’t go astray

Your nervous smile makes me wonder, where your obnoxious confidence fades

From who you were there and who you are now as soon as I say your name

My Marianne, my silent lamb, how I’m thinking of you so

My head can be so complicated and my feelings, I cannot show

And after all, we are just normal people, and I don’t think I’m better than the rest

The fact that you do love me though, it makes me feel so blessed.

A few years gone and then I see your light like a blinding supernova

Im standing in the courtyard here pretending not to know you

And in a sudden you tell them you know me from a short while ago

Your new love and friends a dozen, all following you in tow

They see you now, much more than before and I’m not amazed you’re loved

For I love you still and the love I had, could never be undone

The understanding that we shared that time can never be denied

the love we created and time that we spent only made me feel more alive

So thank you for seeing me, just as I want to see you

Let’s go spend this time together,

I want to be with you, my mind and soul

And run in every endeavour.

Published by mariegwrites

23 years old Londoner Nurse Lover Hugger Explorer

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