A Great Stranger

Last year I was travelling in Peru with my best friend. Unfortunately that (what seemed to be) everlasting friendship came to an end earlier on this year and now I have albums of memories I’m not sure whether to look at with love or bitterness. I suppose it would still be love.

Anyway. I have always been the kind of person to make friends with anyone and everyone I wanted, even if I was in a large group, I thought the more perspectives, opinions and differences the better-I still stand by this. We met L on a tour bus around the Huacachina region of Peru and travelled similar paths all the way until our mutual destination by Macchu Picchu. L was a few years older, seemed to be a few years wiser and from the US (which to me as a Brit, was cool)

The scenery was beautiful and the nights were long. I tried hard to make friends with L, and she, with no preconceptions, was “hell yeah” about everything and we became friends easily. It wasn’t difficult to maintain a conversation, in fact, I’d had the most interesting conversations with her all month and her sense of adventure seemed to match mine. This stranger from the other side of the world seemed to match me so much, I felt drawn to the energy. We laughed and talked and ate and boarded down sand dunes in the glaring heat of the desert.

This picture was taken on a hike to the Colca Canyon. It is L and myself and one of the only pictures I have of us together. We remain friends and my “pre lockdown” plan was to escape to the US for a while… this clearly has been postponed but I swear I will go! We had an idea to spend our birthdays together, go camping and “drink beer and push me down a snowy mountain on my snowboard” (her words, not mine but sounds good to me!)

This day led into one of my favourite nights ever. The Stars were swarming the sky, connected by streams of their own light to one another. They made me cry just looking at them, I couldn’t believe their beauty. I looked at L, sitting in front of me, resting asleep on the shoulder of another stranger, thinking that life couldn’t feel any more free than this. I can’t wait to feel this way again.

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