I am trying so hard

Not to want to be in your arms,

And for the weeks that feel like forever

I will pray that we are together,

Because you mean so much more

Than whatever I’m searching for,

And I don’t know if it’s real

But whatever I feel, I feel.

I will see your face in photographs you take,

They’ll remind me of how much i love fate,

For bringing you to me

Like the moon brings land, the sea

Or the sun shines half the earth, nightly

With you I feel free.

There are no limits or boundaries I have to face,

As long as you keep me warm in your embrace,

My fears and my worries, they fly away

And that’s why I need you always, to stay.

You make me a better me just by smiling your sweet grin,

Your gorgeous soft cheeks and little round chin.

Oh I do love you dearly so mean it when you say

That you love me too, and that’s enough reason to stay

Published by mariegwrites

23 years old Londoner Nurse Lover Hugger Explorer

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