Nocte Memories

Clear cool water wading up to your waist

yellow sun and green palms cast shadows on your face

A bright smile like those that I’ve loved this whole time

These days in this heaven, the days when you’re mine.

A turn of the waist to the sound of a drum

That gorgeous white shirt and your skin like the sun

The small gestures you give to those on the street

With no gloves on their hands or shoes on their feet

You make me see them clearly, but you make me see you too

Because the things that make them happy are the reasons you are you.

The passion and opinions that can make me so mad

Or the frustration from love that can make me so sad

I will take over anything because the love that I feel

When we are together and dancing, it’s real

I’ll love you for always and miss you like a lover

And like you said in that proverb I’ll hold you close like a brother

The smile on your face when you say something funny

Your love of mint tea and sweet Manuka honey

My dearest, my friend, I adore you so much

That these words that I write shall never be enough

to tell you I want us forever in this way

My laughs and my friendship will never go astray.

Published by mariegwrites

23 years old Londoner Nurse Lover Hugger Explorer

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