You know when someone just makes you so happy?

When one person can make you feel like everything in the world is ok and will be ok…?

The nostalgia and the strength that comes from it is exactly what I needed, I could almost cry from the momentary relief if brought to me. It took me back to a day where I felt free, where I was young and vulnerable and felt like the world was at my feet. When we met I was that person and ever since I have just been becoming someone I’m not entirely happy with. Times with her make me feel like I could be that person again. They make me feel like somehow I could go back to being my own sunshine. Things get me down so much, so easily, I just have to get to a point where I just cannot let them. I am so bloody lucky to have what i have, no matter how hard it is. I have a great job that is so hard yes, but so important in the sense that I get to help people who really need me. That’s an amazing thing no matter what. I have a family, a huge family filled with so much love that sometimes I don’t even know how to process. Isn’t that just ridiculous? And then I have friends like her, friends that just connect to me on a personal level, make me feel like I am understood even if it is in a moment of craziness. She makes me feel more normal in what I feel. She makes me feel like I’m not the only person in the world curious about things or wanting to test limits and I love that. I need that. And although we have grown up differently, there will always be that connection and that is a wonderful thing.

Published by mariegwrites

23 years old Londoner Nurse Lover Hugger Explorer

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