“Let’s get out of the city” she said, gesturing towards her car. The night shifts were long and despite being exhausted from the weeks work, there was a strong desire to just run away from the city, even if it were only for a few days. Brighton was enough, it’s bustling pier sank into the grey waters which were lapping harshly against the pebble beach, afflicted by each gust of wind from the south. We all needed a break after working tirelessly in the hospital during the height of the covid pandemic, not one of us got a break and even now, when our diverse team weren’t allowed home to their birth countries, all we had was each other. This was a good as it could get for now, but it was enough. We scrambled into my car and drove until we hit Brighton. The air was different and each gust of wind blew in greasy seaside chips and hot sugared donuts. Those days were filled with love, with friendship and lots of candyfloss. The arcade games are likely dented from our over use on the rainy afternoon and the pebbles arranged into the face of keanu reeves in Brighton beach.
Granted, it wasn’t Mykonos or Barcelona, but it really is about who you’re with at the time that makes it memorable.

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23 years old Londoner Nurse Lover Hugger Explorer

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