I Recognise your eyes

Tell me what is your name because I’d really like to know,

I want to hear it from your mouth and then I’ll need to go,

Onto someone anew to gaze upon, to help, to fix, to hold,

Never I have I seen what I have seen, this is the truth be told.

Your eyes are closed but your chest still rising,

Like each morning breathing with the sun still shining,

Your hair grows longer and your nails need cutting,

But this is only the beginning and my day’s just starting,

The days we tried our best not to let the fear show,

We worked tirelessly with hope that we wouldn’t let you go,

But off you went, sometimes a dozen in a day,

And all you heard were our comforting words that it was going to be ok,

Us strangers you saw as it came to the end,

No difficulties we allowed, and to heaven we sent,

More lives than I’d ever want to see in a lifetime,

If it happened to us, would we still wait in line?

Heavens gates are now crowded with more hundreds to come,

Will it be over soon? Will it be done?

I pray to the world, every force to exist,

That this disease that infects us will fall into the abyss.

We are paying the price for a world so selfish,

So please give us a chance, please try to help us.

Many of us see, and now we will act,

To make this world a better place and keep it


Give us the relief of all those who are dying,

We will look at our lives differently and I will start trying.

Published by mariegwrites

23 years old Londoner Nurse Lover Hugger Explorer

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