All the same

These days are far away from the last time that we met,

I rushed to meet you with my bad jeans on, a jumper and hair still wet.

It wasn’t the same, and it was like that for a while,

but I always miss your face, your eyes and your smile.

At that point then our worlds had turned so very fast,

now there is no time to reflect on our beautiful toxic past.

So long I slumbered with my heart so broken,

after coming to you with it once so open.

These days I pretend I don’t care when I hear your name

though my heart breaks again, I love you all the same and

I can’t help but feel broken by what you said, what you did,

Now I’m here all alone and you now have a kid.

the dreams that we shared, I thought would last forever,

but now I am on a path of my own solo endeavour.

I’m scared of trying to come back into your life again

when I could just run away, live without you and pretend

that I still care about every laugh that you make,

Is it worth it, is it a risk I can take?

Parts of you still remain so close to me,

You’re still a soulmate, this can you see?

Published by mariegwrites

23 years old Londoner Nurse Lover Hugger Explorer

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