My darling niece

My darling niece.

She looks up at me with pondering blue eyes.

Confused and comfortable in one look.

“Her face is sort of right, but its not mummy” she thinks.

So there she goes, concerned,

Her face scrunching and then softening like she’s making up her mind.

A soft voice reaches out to her from my mouth.

“Relax”, she reassures herself, it’s just my auntie,

“Does she know what to do?

I’ve seen her swinging around my brother and carrying him over her shoulders,

My head must be held and my body kept warm, I don’t think she will do that to me”

My darling niece,

I know how to love you, I know how to protect you. I will always do both.

So watch my hazel eyes follow yours about. Feel my chest rising as I keep you warm and feel my arms underneath you, ready so you will never fall.

Though you’d rather be in your mothers arms, I hope one day you’ll find solace in mine too.

Published by mariegwrites

23 years old Londoner Nurse Lover Hugger Explorer

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