The Final Lesson Of My Youth

You knew there was hope in these waters
I felt like I couldn’t feel a thing
The world was growing all around me
I had no idea what to do

Patting my hair, holding my hands
What took you away from me, I can’t understand
God knew that I needed you here
Protecting my innocence and fear

And as things would change
I couldn’t stand a chance
Changing who I was to be a part of it all
You told me to trust myself and fall

Naive to think you’d be there
I thought always and forever
But life didn’t take it easy on me
I’m stuck here
You’re flying free

I devote myself to your love
As you continue watching me from above
Your departure was the final lesson of my youth.
Not one that I wanted, not one that I’d choose.

Published by mariegwrites

23 years old Londoner Nurse Lover Hugger Explorer

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