Ignorant Heart

Years of life given in the blitz of love
Sweltering in your arms, my heart encased
Protected and in comfort it was held
When all else seemed to fade away, you stayed.

Under a myriad of stars, each night adored
Intertwining branches of an oak, stood mighty
Two constants in time with sweetness of words
Held together by currents in an unsplitting sea.

Flashing back into view a new world surrounds
People gone, mad and away, I’m in a life deserted
Eyes of yours that moved astray
My heart surrendered in your grasp.

You loved me so fiercely, that I burned;
Now you’ll only be left with ashes
Time did change and you went with it
A soul is all that remains, my heart went first.

Published by mariegwrites

23 years old Londoner Nurse Lover Hugger Explorer

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