Say Your Prayers

I inhaled a deep breath, my eyes still closed. For the last 4 minutes I’ve heard every word they’ve said. The stupid idiots think I’m still passed out. This should be easy.

Where I hated to be restrained, this is not the first time I’ve had my hands bound and my mouth gagged like this. Ugh. Disgusting, they could have at least used a clean rag.
A small reflex hit the back of her throat. “Hold it. Hold it.” Anya stuck her tongue to the roof of her mouth to stop herself from making any noise.

The two men were burly which made her escape seem even easier. Sure, burley men were strong but lacked any sense of real agility or coordination lugging that body weight around. Especially after what she had planned.

Hanging from a wall behind her was a large piece of apparatus, the primary colours faded out after years of use, the silver bars shining through the worn paintwork. Anya flicked her eyes up for a second into the mirror in front, and took a mental picture, capturing everything backwards, but thrilling at the sequence that would commence.

Anya felt her muscles loosen, like they were preparing themselves for yet another training session. Her elbows fell softly towards the floor. She felt the men look over at her, rambling on quietly to each other about god knows what.
She let out a small groan. “This should do it” she thought. All her muscles tightened again, ready for them.

Man number one shot his head up and looked at man number two, worriedly. Man number two walked over to Anya, preparing a good fist ready to knock her into silence again.

In the split second he glanced back over to his colleague, Anya’s eyes flicked open.

“You’re going to want to say your prayers” she smirked with warning.

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