My darling niece

My darling niece. She looks up at me with pondering blue eyes. Confused and comfortable in one look. “Her face is sort of right, but its not mummy” she thinks. So there she goes, concerned, Her face scrunching and then softening like she’s making up her mind. A soft voice reaches out to her fromContinue reading “My darling niece”

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric tea. It’s time for me to turn around, Turn around and see Turn around and be Someone different or someone changed. Make believe Show me a way to take it all away Away so that I can be someone else A different personality Hold on Is this what you want? To love yourself asContinue reading “Turmeric Tea”

A Slip

Upon this mountain it gets lonely. But with the strong winds and wide green scape, it is just were i need to be. With no one around me, no thoughts other than my own, Enough to fill this mountain and spread over the rugged hills. Though my head Is empty and I don’t know whereContinue reading “A Slip”

Finding Peace

After my previous post “I look to you”, I realised that I wasn’t as happy as I thought I was. I was scared that I’d didn’t even know what made me happy and that maybe somewhere deep down my mind was fiercely trying to retaliate on my rational and heart protecting feelings. On Monday lastContinue reading “Finding Peace”

I Look to You

For a second you were here. For a second that beautiful smell of that perfume wasn’t the brunette sitting opposite me in a beanie hat, it was you, next to me, dressed up on our way into London for a night out. God that smell, I miss it so much. I close my eyes andContinue reading “I Look to You”

All the same

These days are far away from the last time that we met, I rushed to meet you with my bad jeans on, a jumper and hair still wet. It wasn’t the same, and it was like that for a while, but I always miss your face, your eyes and your smile. At that point thenContinue reading “All the same”

Behind the mask

Behind the mask I am just a girl. With the mask on I am heralded a “hero” and “amazing person”, yet I don’t feel like it at all. I don’t need claps or praise or for everyone to tell me how good a job I am doing, or how “it must be really hard butContinue reading “Behind the mask”


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