A note

My last post was extremely difficult to share, but I did it because everyone deserves to know that the biggest heroes out there aren’t the NHS workers but the resilient, brave and strong patients like L. I miss her, and even though our relationship was professional in almost every aspect, it is impossible to ignoreContinue reading “A note”

As strong as her

LR was the first patient that made me feel like I was actually a nurse. She needed me and I, in some ways, needed her. She gave me confidence and hope and strength. Gosh, the strength of that woman you couldn’t believe. LR had lymphoma, the third life threatening cancer she has encountered in herContinue reading “As strong as her”


You know when someone just makes you so happy? When one person can make you feel like everything in the world is ok and will be ok…? The nostalgia and the strength that comes from it is exactly what I needed, I could almost cry from the momentary relief if brought to me. It tookContinue reading “Newcastle”

Infinity Escape

She woke at 5am with an alarming sense of enthusiasm for the day. When usually she would be glazed-eyed and grumpy at waking in the early hours, she instead accepted the morning with pleasure. A break in the curtains shielding the draft of a cool morning showed her that the day was already going toContinue reading “Infinity Escape”

Nocte Memories

Clear cool water wading up to your waist yellow sun and green palms cast shadows on your face A bright smile like those that I’ve loved this whole time These days in this heaven, the days when you’re mine. A turn of the waist to the sound of a drum That gorgeous white shirt andContinue reading “Nocte Memories”


I am trying so hard Not to want to be in your arms, And for the weeks that feel like forever I will pray that we are together, Because you mean so much more Than whatever I’m searching for, And I don’t know if it’s real But whatever I feel, I feel. I will seeContinue reading “Stay”

A Great Stranger

Last year I was travelling in Peru with my best friend. Unfortunately that (what seemed to be) everlasting friendship came to an end earlier on this year and now I have albums of memories I’m not sure whether to look at with love or bitterness. I suppose it would still be love. Anyway. I haveContinue reading “A Great Stranger”

The Night Shift

Tiredness lurks in every cell of my body, Yet I am forcing my eyes to stay seeing, my ears to stay hearing and my heart to stay beating, For I have left you in the midst of my slumber and the start of your waking, Yet I am not ready to leave for an unconsciousContinue reading “The Night Shift”


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