Say Your Prayers

I inhaled a deep breath, my eyes still closed. For the last 4 minutes I’ve heard every word they’ve said. The stupid idiots think I’m still passed out. This should be easy. Where I hated to be restrained, this is not the first time I’ve had my hands bound and my mouth gagged like this.Continue reading “Say Your Prayers”

When The Earth Stood Still

No sun shoneNo rain fell or clouds passedNot even a wave rolling onto the shoreNever had it been so quietNeither one of them disturbed the peaceNot whilst the earth stood still

The Star of The Show

My darkened arena waits for meSpotlights cast, sand perfected.A moment we’ve been waiting forThey may think it’s me, but I’m only a partThe star of this show here, is ArtWhere I squeeze my legs and hold him underHe leaps and soars around like thunderThe curve of his legs, muscular and taughtA magnificent creature in myContinue reading “The Star of The Show”

A Soulmate’s Touch

A soulmates touchRevives our ownSomething quiet and caringGalvanised and awokenNew network engulfed in passionHidden meaning now uncoveredFrom solitude and peaceTo a soul with outstretched armsConnected

The Whispers

The air was wet that evening and the cold wind that had been blowing for weeks, had turned sharp, like ice that night.When they found her at dawn, her face was frozen to the side of the tree this time, her eyes glaring widely to the horizon. She was dead. The stars shone in theContinue reading “The Whispers”

Nothing changes

Life was easier back then. Im not going to deny it Life was almost thoughtless when I thought I was thinking about people When I thought I was caring about people, I had my priorities completely misdirected Thought I was only a child Who knew? I was reckless and fearless Blinded by the medicine andContinue reading “Nothing changes”

Only Now

Only now I know how special you wereOnly now I miss your voice calling out to mePleads for help in the middle of the nightNight after nightOnly now Only now I miss your smellMusky, slightly staleOnly now I inhale when I go into your roomJust to smell what’s left of youOnly now Only now IContinue reading “Only Now”

Ignorant Heart

Years of life given in the blitz of loveSweltering in your arms, my heart encasedProtected and in comfort it was heldWhen all else seemed to fade away, you stayed. Under a myriad of stars, each night adoredIntertwining branches of an oak, stood mightyTwo constants in time with sweetness of wordsHeld together by currents in anContinue reading “Ignorant Heart”

Love Made Me Do It

I was running. Running so fast I could barely feel my breath as it entered and left my lungs. Running so fast that my head throbbed with blood and made my vision foggy. “What have i done?”I lay flat on the ground, the wetness on the street seeping through my clothes and cooling my back.Continue reading “Love Made Me Do It”


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